We’re not lost…we’re exploring

I’ve spent a lot of the last week exploring around the different areas of Copenhagen. Outside the center of the city there are districts, and a few of them are Norrebro, Osterport, Vesterbro, and Christiania. Vesterbro used to be a really poor area of Copenhagen, a place where the immigrants went to live in over-crowded slums. Now it’s known as one of the “hip” areas with lots of art galleries, cafes, and shopping (oh, and the red light district). Norrebro is similar, but has a lot more of an ethnic representation. Osterport is where I live, and it’s an area where a lot of families live. It’s not as up and coming as the other areas (aka it’s boring), but it does have the Parken soccer stadium! Christiania is a free state that is not technically a part of the Danish kingdom. Most people go there to experience the hippy culture and buy pot.

Last week I went to the glass markets at Israel Plads in Norreport. This place = foodie heaven! One place has lots of butchers, prepared meals, cafes, and fish. The other one has bakeries, bread, chocolates, wine, olive oils, and more. I wanted to buy everything in sight but managed to refrain.

I did my own tour of Vesterbro on Friday. My roommate Liz and I walked around for hours looking at all the popular places there.

Entrance of the Copenhagen Museum in Vesterbro

So much cool graffiti in Vesterbro!

I also went to see the Little Mermaid Statue in the harbor that’s a short bus ride from my kollegium. It’s a famous statue that’s based on a famous Hans Christian Andersan’s fairy tale. Even though it is pretty overrated (you can only stare so long at a statue) it is something that is a must-see in Copenhagen.

This week is jam-packed! I have a movie screening on Tuesday and a field trip on Wednesday with my Criminology class, my first test on Thursday, and this weekend I leave for my long study tour!

Hi hi!   -that’s hi (and bye) for the Danes 🙂



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